Great tools are the start of any world class facility.  Tone Proper has spared no expense in acquiring the most highly regarded equipment to complete your project.

Awesome, he actually listens
— -Joe Reineke, Orbit Audio Seattle


  • JBL M2 Monitors
  • PMC AML1
  • Grace M904 Monitor Controller and D/A
  • Manley Mastering Backbone
  • Grado Headphones RS-1

Analog Outboard

Shadow Hills Mastering Comp.jpg
  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
  • Manley SLAM! Mastering
  • Avalon AD2077 Mastering
  • BAE 10DC Limiter (Parallel Loop)
  • Buzz Audio REQ Mastering with Elma switches
  • Maselec MLA3 Multi Band Compressor
  • Lavry Gold A/D // Weiss DAC1 D/A
  • Otari MTR12 1/2" 2 Track with JRF Magnetics Heads
Tone Proper Mastering Desk1