"I have been in the music business full-time since 2002. 10+ years feels like a lot but music is a life long education. You will not find the stuffy mastering engineer syndrome here, I love music too much. I do not stare at meters, scopes and flashy lights as I twist knobs. However, there is a place for that, just not in the forefront. For me, music is highly emotional as I'm sure it is for you or you wouldn't be looking at an all analog mastering studio. That emotion shines through in how I work and how my studio sounds. I take your music seriously, and will take the time to listen and help in the creative process as needed."

-Nick Moon, owner and engineer


What Format Should My Mixes Be In?

We can accept audio in any format that your mixes originate from. Please do not sample rate convert up or down, or change the bit depth.  

How Long Does It Take?

Typically a full length album only takes a day to complete. Once you have the "first draft" take as much time as you need to play it around.

Can I Get A Sample?

Tone Proper is a professional studio, we can confidently provide you with exactly what you want. A decade in the business has taught us one thing: making sure you are happy in the end is all that matters.  The short answer to this question is; if time allows we can yes.

Nick is the bomb! He’s well versed in the latest technology and demands the best from his studio and himself.
— -Jennifer Batten, Guitar Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck